Day 10 – to Lobuche


Despite the opportunity of a (little) lie in we woke at about 5am. Very chilly, so glad of the sleeping bag liner and a blanket!

Caught some photos of the sun coming up:

On our way we came across a few snow cocks and some great views! 

 Along with a few yaks! 

Today’s walk is a short one of 3.5 – 4 hours without the height gains of the last couple of days, so hopefully an opportunity to recharge the batteries (both personal and using the solar panel which has proved very useful and has saved a heap of money!)and have some time out in Lobuche.

Lobuche sits adjacent to the Khumbu Glacier with a high moraine separating them.

After the level of exercise over the last couple of days we are advised to relax – not that I was thinking of a run, but a short walk up to the top of the moraine to take a glimpse of the Khumbu Glacier was essential!

The glacier whilst in retreat appears much more glacial than the one we crossed from Gokyo to Dragnag. The moraines to the sides are steep where part of the moraine has collapsed and there is more ice to be seen along with more pools of water. In the distance I could see much cleaner ice towards Nuptse which looms large.

On returning to the lodge, I sought reinforcements to prepare an anniversary greeting for Gina – many thanks to Phil, Pinny, Tensi and Shandra, great teamwork!

Too high for a beer (Everest or Sherpa being the local ones) well may be just the one…

Hot shower and bed!